Youth and Children April/May Activities


From the desk of Lynn Barbeau, Director of Youth & Family Ministries

Don’t miss the fun times ahead:

 May 13th - Mother's Day & the Hudson Baccalaureate Service at 7 pm in the HHS Auditorium for our graduating seniors, Emma Close, Tyler Schwab, Clara Simonson.

 May 16th - Last Wednesday Night Dinner and Senior High Youth/Parent Meeting @ 5:30 pm. The Senior High Youth will meet following the meeting for fun, fellowship, and activities.

 May 20th - Last Day of Sunday school.A special program is planned for the kiddos!

 June 29 - July 9th - Sr. High Mission Trip to Houston.

 July 15 - July 20th - Jr. High Mission Trip to Superior.


FREE BOUNDARY WATER CANOE TRAINING: The Wisconsin United Methodist Church Canoe Co-op is hosting a free Training Session from June 5th – 9th led by Holly and Bob Nash.  If you are interested in attending and learning how to lead adults, youth, or your own family into the Boundary Waters safely, this is for you! It’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by all God’s beauty in this pristine area.  Contact Holly and Bob Nash at 715.356.6861 or Information is available on the Community Bulletin Board, in the hallway next to the Kitchen and drinking fountain.