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Computer Lab User Agreement

User Agreement General Information
 Hudson United Methodist Church Computer Lab
Who may use the Hudson United Methodist Church computer lab?
The lab is available for use by people of all ages. Children age preschool - 5th grade must be with their parent/guardian/grandparent when they are using lab outside of church-related functions. At least one Technology Committee-designated lab supervisor must be present in the lab whenever the lab is in use. A completed "Computer and Internet User Agreement" for each family member must be on file at the church before using the lab.  Please note that NO food or drinks of any kind (even water) may be in the lab.
When are the computers available?
Regular hours will be posted in the bulletin and on the lab door. Hours will be re-evaluated regularly. You may call any Technology Committee-designated lab supervisor to set up an appointment based on their availability. The lab is available only when a Technology Committee-designated lab supervisor is present. Two supervisors must be available when youth are using the lab. Supervisors’ names/phones are posted in the office, lab door and initially, in the bulletin.
How do I sign up to use the computers?Teachers/adult leaders who want to use the lab for a class must reserve it. A sign-up sheet is on the door of the lab. Each user must have a Computer and Internet User Agreement on file. Teacher/Adult leaders should also record use in the Sign-in Book in the lab after class. Anyone else may use the lab on a first-come-first-served basis as long as a Technology Committee-designated lab supervisor is in the lab.  
Individual Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures
Anyone using the computers outside of a church-related function must complete the Sign-in Book in the lab. You must sign in, record the date, time you begin, and return to add which computer you used and the time you finished with the computer. Sunday school teachers and other class leaders should verify each class member has a user agreement on file before the class and should also record class numbers in the Sign-in book after class. Extra User Agreements are in the lab.
How long may I use the computers?
The computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please respect others who may be waiting to use the computers. Please be prepared to leave at the designated time. A thirty minute limit may be imposed if others are waiting.
How many people can use the computers at one time?
No more than two people may use a computer at one time, unless they are using them for a HUMC-related function.
How many pages can I print?
Please be as frugal as possible. Always check the Print Preview feature to determine article length. Ask the supervisor how you can print just a selection of any articles or copy and paste information into a different format. Donations toward supplies are always welcome and should be given to the office or collection plate with the “computer lab supplies” designation.
Where do I store my work?
Users must store their own work on their own CD or jump drive.   CDs and jump drives must be scanned for viruses before use with the church lab computers. No user files may be stored on the hard disks of the computers. CDs are available for purchase from the lab supervisors.
Is my child protected from sensitive material especially on the internet?
Efforts have been made to protect users from sensitive material through the use of filtering software, however, due to the dynamic nature of the internet, complete protection is not possible. Users who access inappropriate material/websites are subject to sanctions as listed in the misuse portion of the user agreement.
Computer User Agreement
Hudson United Methodist Church
Misuse Policy
Hudson United Methodist Church’s volunteer teachers, Technology committee-designated lab supervisors, and paid staff reserve the right to determine appropriate use of the computers, internet, and e-mail. They also reserve the right to restrict and/or remove the user’s access for violating any of the rules listed in this document. Depending on the severity of an individual’s misuse of the computers, Hudson United Methodist Church can pursue any or all of the following consequences:
·         Suspension of Internet access
·         Suspension of computer access
·         Revoking Internet or computers privileges
·         Civil action and/or prosecution
·         Restitution of damages
By signing and completing the attached form, and returning it to the church office, users acknowledge that they have read and understood these rules and/or explained them to their children.   Signature indicates you choose to follow this Agreement.
The following activities, as well as violations of state and/or federal laws, are forbidden on any Hudson United Methodist Church computer.
1.       Accessing, transmitting, or receiving of pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, abusive, vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, racist, hateful, and/or disrespectful material is prohibited.
2.       Use of the computer that disrupts the use by others, including downloading and/or playing of games for leisure is prohibited. Playing games must be approved by the teacher or lab supervisor.
3.       All computer users must sign a "Computer and Internet User Agreement." A parent or guardian must co-sign for anyone under the age of 18.
4.       The computer user agrees to take proper care of all equipment, diskettes, manuals, and other property of Hudson United Methodist Church. The user will immediately report any problem with equipment or materials to the supervisor.
5.       User agrees to pay replacement cost of any equipment or materials lost or damaged as a result of the carelessness, malicious intent, or failure to inform the supervisor of malfunctions.
6.       User agrees to observe all copyright laws. User will not duplicate any computer programs or documentation except those in the public domain.
7.       In no event will Hudson United Methodist Church be liable for damages from using any equipment, programs, or other church materials. Nor will Hudson Methodist Church be held responsible for inappropriate use as outlined in number one.
8.       Users must have their own discs or jump drives. These will be scanned automatically by the church lab computers upon use. Users can also save files to a CD, either their own or one purchased for a nominal fee from the church. 
9.       Any data lost due to bad media, programs, human error, or equipment malfunction is not the responsibility of Hudson United Methodist Church. Private files may not be stored at the church lab or on the church lab computers.
10.   No food or drinks of any kind may be in the lab.
Personal E-mail Accounts
Users may have their own personal e-mail accounts set up through a free service (hotmail, yahoo, etc.). The content of e-mails sent and received while using HUMC’s computers must be free of pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, abusive, vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, racist, hateful, and/or disrespectful material.
Computer and Internet Use Agreement
Hudson United Methodist Church
User Information. 
I agree to follow the Computer User Agreement which accompanied this document. I understand privileges will be taken away for inappropriate use. Serious violation could bring legal action. There is no expiration date on this agreement. The lab is provided for all ages in the church. A signed agreement is required for each family member before lab use. Parents of children younger than ten years old will explain the agreement to their children, then sign and complete this agreement for their children. Children ages ten through seventeen should complete their own form with a Parent/Guardian co-signature.
First Name (Please Print)
Last Name
Signature of User (if 10 or older)
Home Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Additional information (cell, home email etc.)
Parents/Guardians also complete this portion for children under 18.
Appropriate use and the attached Agreement will be explained to my children. Even though efforts have been made to protect users from sensitive material, I recognize that absolute filtering of the internet is not possible. I give my permission for my child to use the Hudson United Methodist Church computer lab.
My son/daughter may have access to the INTERNET:           YES               NO
Parent/Guardian’s Name (Please print)
Parent/Guardian’s Signature
Home Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Additional information (cell, home email, etc.)

Hudson United Methodist Church Computer Lab Purpose
“We believe our call is to joyfully share God’s love so that
 all might become faithful disciples of God.”
The HUMC Computer Lab operates under this mission of the Hudson United Methodist Church. The lab was designed to serve three purposes toward furthering that mission:
·   Provide a theological-based educational experience for all Sunday school, study classes, and youth activities through the use of Christian education software
·   Provide structured opportunities/classes where older teens and adults can learn more about computers
·   Serve as a congregational resource where members and friends of HUMC can use the lab for personal purposes within the bounds of the HUMC Computer and Internet User Agreement