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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Non Cash Gifts

Hudson United Methodist Church  
1401 Laurel Avenue
Hudson, WI 54016
Non-Cash Gifts
Completion of this form will authorize the Financial Secretary to record this gift on your giving statement. Non-cash gifts can be something you purchased, but would like to donate or can be items that you already have that the church can put to good use (please check with trustees first). The value of the items your already have must be a reasonable market price. See IRS Publications 526 and 561 for assistance in determining value.
Donor Information
Donor Name                ___________________________________________________________
Donor Address ___________________________________________________________
Item(s) Donated           ___________________________________________________________
Intended Use                ___________________________________________________________
Actual Value                 $______________________(Receipt(s) attached)
Approximate Value*     $______________________(IRS Publications 526 and 561 for assistance in determining value).
(this figure represents the approximate value as provided by the donor. Hudson United Methodist Church assumes no responsibility for the value as provided on this form):
                                    Donor Signature                                                                       Date
*Gift must be received and approved by the pastor or a team leader. Receipts showing the value of the gift should be attached. The Financial Secretary must receive this form in the year the gift is given. Gifts are recorded only in year given.
Receipt Information
The above item(s) have been received and approved for use by the church.
_____________________________________________________              ________________
                        Signature of Committee Chairperson                                                     Date
Please place form in the Finance Team Leader mailbox.
Once completed, copies: Donor, Financial Secretary